BirthJays - Birthday Pre-Rolled Cone

BirthJays - Birthday Pre-Rolled Cone

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Say happy birthday to that special someone with this unique gift! Built to hold up to 3 0.5G pre-rolls, this gift is sure to delight!

BirthJays are empty joint cones, which, after getting filled up with ground cannabis, are placed upon a stake that goes into the cake. A small candle sits on top of the cone, is lit, and after everyone sings and birthday wishes get made, you remove the ends of the BirthJay, and it’s puff-puff-slice time.

BirthJays are not filled.

Cone size is 98mm.

Candle is replaceable so hold onto the plastic ends to use again in the future!


1. Fill cone

2. Twist & fold the tip

3. Place candle tip on top of joint

4. Put cone on the stand peg & place on cake

5. Light, sing and blow!

6. Remove plastic ends

7. Light up and enjoy!


1x BirthJay Pre-Rolled Cone (empty)
1x Candle Tip
1x Cone Stand Peg