Rest - The key to a successful nighttime routine

 Welcome to Cann Shop’s Discover Your Intent blog series, where we discuss shopper friendly methods to help curate your cannabis strain selection. When starting out on your cannabis journey, the sheer amount of choices can be overwhelming. Sativa, Indica, THC, CBD its’ all a bit much at first. At Cann Shop, we try to simplify all of this by using cannabinoid profiles to group chemically similar products together for you. We define these as cannabis products that share chemotype lineage (ie sativa, indica, or hybrid), in addition to similar amounts of THC and CBD. Doing so gives cannabis shoppers an easier way to identify products they enjoy, understand why they like them and find similar alternatives. For example, if you enjoy a high THC indica like Bubba Kush, then you will also likely enjoy White Rhino. But ultimately, cannabis is a very personal experience and can affect everyone differently. Therefore, the only way to find what works for you is by trial and error.

 At Cann Shop, Rest products are categorized as indica leaning or dominant strains containing high levels of THC and low levels of CBD. Some believe them to have relaxing or sleepy effects, but these are unproven. What we do know is that everyone experiences cannabis differently, even when consuming the exact same products. To some, indica products can make them feel relaxed, while for others it can create feelings of exhaustion. Therefore, we work tirelessly to curate products we personally enjoy and present value to the indica loving cannabis consumer.

That’s why we have curated 5 Rest products we love and hope you will enjoy as well!

Here’s a list for those searching for cannabis products that are indica leaning or dominant with high levels of THC and low levels of CBD: