Balance - How to find your perfect balance

Welcome to Cann Shop’s Discover Your Intent blog series, where we discuss shopper friendly methods to help curate your cannabis strain selection. 


 When shopping for cannabis with the aim of a specific mood, the first thing to learn is that everyone experiences cannabis differently and the old paradigm of sativa-indica-hybrid is not predictive of effects. This poses a challenge, especially for beginners, because people can have drastically different experiences with the same products. What works for Benji won’t necessarily work for Rachel. However, once you have a baseline of what you like through trial and error, finding similar alternatives becomes much easier. For example, if you enjoy a balanced (ie 1:1 THC:CBD) hybrid strain like Tweed's Penelope, then you will also likely enjoy Color's Mango Haze. That is because both strains share similar cannabinoid profiles of relatively moderate levels of THC and high CBD. It could be comparable to saying you like merlot wines, but not all merlot wines are alike, and therefore you don’t like all merlot wines. With regards to balanced strains, this can be especially true.

 At Cann Shop, we understand that not everyone is looking to consume the strongest cannabis all the time, at least in the psychoactive sense. Sometimes, a balanced hybrid strain is more appropriate for the occasion. If you are someone who prefers relatively lower amounts of THC and higher CBD, then it can become critical to do extra research before making your purchasing decision. Higher amounts of THC (15%+) can create very different experiences for the user and potentially adverse affects if not prepared. Contrary to prior generations, finding cannabis with very high THC is not a problem. The real challenge these days is finding CBD-rich strains with lower THC and excellent terpene profiles.

Thats why we at Cann Shop work hard to find balanced strains that cater to those looking for a more nuanced, moderated experience. 

Here’s a list for those searching for cannabis products that are hybrids with relatively even amounts of THC and CBD: