The Benefits of Yoga


Yoga is a one of the very best things you can do for your body & mind. It is a practice that is beneficial for both men & women of all ages & backgrounds. It is never too late to start, & you don’t need to be flexible to do it. Incorporating yoga into your daily life brings many positive effects, so let’s get into some of those below:


Boosts Mindfulness


Yoga is one of the best ways to practice mindfulness because it forces you focus on your breath & movement. Mindfulness is very important not only in yoga, but also in your everyday life. This is because when we are being ‘mindful,’ or living in the present moment, we are not being distracted by outside thoughts & allow ourselves to focus on the now. Being mindful can be helpful for so many parts of your daily life including eating, your workouts or task at hand.



Decreases Stress


Practicing yoga is a great way to reduce stress because it promotes deep, slow breathing & mindfulness, which increases your sense of calm & mental clarity. Mindfulness helps to decrease stress on the body & mind by allowing you to worry less about things that are often largely outside of your direct control.


Boosts Muscle Recovery


Ask many professional athletes why they have incorporated yoga into their recovery process, & you’ll often hear similar answers. Practicing yoga helps increase blood flow throughout the body, which sends oxygen & other healing elements to rebuild muscle tissue broken down by intense exercise. The logic is simple – the faster you can recover from your workout, the faster you can get back into the gym without pain or fatigue.


Burns Fat


People don’t often think of yoga as an intense enough workout to burn fat effectively. Those people are, with all due respect, wrong. It all mostly depends on what type of yoga you do. For example, try a 15-20 minute vinyasa or power yoga online class & you’ll quickly see this is harder than it looks. You’ll be sweating in no time.


Reduces Pain & Injury


The best way to protect against back injury is a strong core. Practicing yoga involves several full body compound movements that challenges the core constantly. Tight muscles in the back will often lead to pain or injury while doing everyday movements like bending over or reaching up. Yoga promotes gently lengthening the muscles to extend your range of motion over time, which can reduce pain & risk of injury.


Makes Cardio Easier


Yoga increases flexibility, strength & recovery, which allows you to perform endurance exercises longer without discomfort. The more you can bend & lengthen your muscles, the deeper into the exercise you can get. For cardio movements like running, biking, or rowing, practicing yoga allows you to better withstand repetitive stress on the muscles.


Improves Your Posture


Good posture is very important for preventing pain in the back, shoulders & neck. When you slouch too much, it puts pressure on the spine & over time can lead to painful changes in its shape. Practicing yoga encourages you to lengthen the spine & strengthen the core.


Detoxes The Body


Yoga can help rid the body of toxins & promotes movements known to massage the internal organs. This is especially true with twisting movements, which are thought to cleanse the internal organs & acts to detox the entire body in the process.


Strengthens & Tones The Body


Practicing yoga often involves full body compound movements, which makes it an incredibly effective & efficient workout. Performing full body compound movements is associated with larger strength gains & calorie burn both during & after your workout. Constantly changing between holding positions & rapid movements keeps the body guessing, which provides the necessary stimulus the body needs to force it to adapt.


The Main Takeaways


The are a large range of benefits to practicing yoga, that can be catered to your lifestyle. Everyone has 5-10 minutes to stretch it out for a little self-care time.

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